I Guess I Am Your Buttery Toasted Teacake

Dear Goldfinch

I feel woefully inadequate for you Goldfinch. You excite me so much and bring me an intoxicating cocktail of cosiness and pleasure and enjoyment and interest. However I feel so “plain Jane” boring compared to you. I wasn’t on top form yesterday. …..but even previously I am feeling woefully inadequate when it comes to piquing your excitement levels. I feel like you deserve someone who is smoking hot gorgeous…..well….maybe some of your other female friends are?

buttery toasted teacake (2)

I guess if someone likes cake in general they may find an exquisite petit-fours incredibly attractive and a delight to their taste buds but another day they might find another kind of delight in the deliciousness of a buttery toasted teacake. I am comparing myself to the latter.

I was so inspired last time you were here to be a more desirable shape for you I went a bit mad with the jogging sometimes causing me to have less time to get ready meaning I was leaving the flat with soaking wet hair on cold mornings, deprived myself of appropriate nourishment, and stayed up too late buying pretty underwear online. I am sure that is how I fell victim to this cold.  They sent me home from work this afternoon because I had just sneezed and sniffled and coughed my way through the morning.

Then once I became ill I realized my body was furiously hungry and did not want to be out jogging at 5am. So I am going to have to strike a better balance. While you are away on holiday I can work on shrinking my girth…..oh if you could have seen my shape just before the incident which led me to several months of resting up with my family and being overfed by them and revelling in comfort eating. Anyway I will edge back that way in a sensible balanced way…..because I am feeling like a bit of a lardy-cake just right now.

Typical…when you are not at your peak, but rather recovering from major injuries, you meet a man who is uber-gorgeous and makes your spirits soar.  It is kind of wonderful really.  You are kind of wonderful really.

You are my favourite male on the planet at the moment…besides my Daddy….but obviously that is very different. And Goldfinch…you are welcome as a friend…even if you tire of romancing me…or just…well Goldfinch…you are welcome for any reason.

Lots of love

Your Hot Buttered Toasted Tea-Cake…xx


5 thoughts on “I Guess I Am Your Buttery Toasted Teacake

  1. Have you ever been in love with someone gorgeous and wondered what on earth they could possibly see in you?
    I am suddenly aware of all my imperfections now that a gorgeous man has entered my life and is making me feel very loved. I keep on feeling as if he deserves a lot better, a much more beautiful woman.

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